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Radical Equestrians

When Sarah inherits her uncle's ranch, she finds herself questioning plans to build a breeding and retirement stable. Things get tense when her sister's top show jumper, Prince, gets injured and Sarah and her new friend Claire nurse him back to health.


Is everything Sarah's ever known about horse management wrong? Forced to choose between betraying her family or keeping Prince's recovery a secret, Sarah ultimately finds herself through her love of horses.

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Have you ever tried to teach your horse to paint? Moose isn't ready to share his art, but this photo stole my heart 🥰

Kissing Spine Files

Welcome to the Kissing Spine Files, a short series about my horse’s kissing spine diagnosis and how we navigated surgery, recovery and rehabilitation. I have written this series to help you know more about kissing spine and prepare for surgery and recovery if your horse has been diagnosed....


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