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Horse Show Manager's Guide to organizing small hunter/jumper shows provides you with all the information you need to plan and execute your first horse show or get new tips and ideas if you are already travelling the horse show management path. Enjoy true horse show stories while learning all about the role of the horse show manager! 

Author, Elizabeth McCowan, has organized and managed over 100 horse shows. She shares her personal experiences and offers valuable tips for anyone just starting out or looking for guidance.


- Make money running shows

- Increase your revenue

- Create a budget

- Create a positive exhibitor experience

- Hire key staff


Included with this book are budget templates and checklists to help you organize your event!

Horse Show Manager's Guide: Organize Small Hunter/ Jumper Shows is available worldwide though book stores, library's and online retailers. 

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This guide book is very well written with current knowledge on the process of running a successful Hunter/Jumper show, which many barns do and many new owners would like to get into. As someone who used to compete this book would have been helpful in just understanding what to expect at a show and why there are such costs for competing. The personal experiences Elizabeth writes about are humorous while making a good point! Definitely a buy for fellow Hunter/Jumper enthusiasts

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What people are saying about the Horse Show Manager's Guide


Amazing read! I in no way shape or form am looking to run a horse show at this stage of my life. However, this book was hard to put down. Interesting to read what is involved in running a horse show. As a competitor/spectator you sometimes don’t take in to account all the behind the scenes and this book covers them all. A great book for any equestrian to read regardless if you’re looking to organize an event or not!

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